Me and my husband at South Beach, FL

I don’t deserve it, and I didn’t earn it, but I’m grateful to be a tag-a-long. As the company’s president’s wife, I get the privilege to go on all the rewards trips. The sales reps and production managers have specific goals and hefty milestones they have to hit in order to qualify for the annual cruise. As the year progresses, a lot of them will talk in terms of how much more they have to sell or produce to make the trip.

Miami, Florida

My ticket is paid. I don’t have to worry about whether I made the trip or not. Do I feel guilty? Sometimes, yes. Last week, while I basked in tropical 80-degree sunshine, in Boston the average temp was 30 degrees. It is a tough life having to sail to white sand beaches and have other people cook my food and make my bed for a few days.

I qualify not because of what I’ve done but because of who I know.

The annual cruise is not the only thing I’ve gotten that I didn’t deserve. I don’t deserve to be washed clean of my sins. I don’t deserve to spend eternity in heaven. I don’t deserve a life of freedom filled with purpose. But once again I get all the perks because of to whom I’m married. I’m grateful to be the bride of Christ. Because of Jesus’s love for me, I get to live a life I never deserved. I not only don’t qualify, I should get negative ratings because no matter how godly I try to behave, my temper flares, I say things I shouldn’t say, and have a propensity for being selfish. Yet, Jesus looks at me and sees a bride dressed in white. He draws me in close and says, come with me. I want you by my side for all eternity.

It’s an unexplainable love.

An undeserved love.

A love for which I’m grateful.

Jesus doesn’t just want you tag-a-long. He invites you as his honored guest. He’personally extends the invitation. He calls and follow-up. He longs for you to come and celebrate with him. But you decide whether to accept or stay behind.

(I’m telling you though, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.)

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