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New England Patriots

We’re Still Here!

New England Patriots lead by Tom Brady

Over the last month, “We’re still here!” has become the mantra of the New England PatriotsTom Brady, who has been called old man, washed up, peaked, and diminished, showed America he still has plenty in his tank when he and the Patriots worked together to win Superbowl LIII.

 Tom Brady, loved or hated, has to be admired for the fact he doesn’t accept being mediocre. He refuses to quit. He didn’t throw in the towel when he was the 199th sixth-round draft pick back in 2000. He wasn’t content to stay in Drew Bledsoe’s shadow. He wasn’t complacent after one Superbowl win, or a second, or third. Even after a record of six Superbowl wins, he still has no plans to retire.

Tom Brady doesn’t just coast through life and neither should we.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:6). It doesn’t mean only praise God when we’re in the mood or on the good days when we have more energy. It doesn’t state until you’ve read the Bible all the way through, led a church group, or taught Sunday school. It says if you have breath praise the Lord, and I can pretty much guarantee that if you’re reading this you still have breath. 

You’re still here. 

It is not a time to coast or grow complacent. We are to keep fighting the good fight until Jesus takes us home. Now, I’m not saying to grab a soapbox and go out and start preaching on a street corner, nor am I meaning to guilt you into taking on additional responsibilities. What I am asking is to look for opportunities to praise God through your words, actions, and deeds. If you keep your eyes peeled and your heart available God will provide.

Each season is unique.

Tom Brady doesn’t play the same way he did back in 2001. He has adapted to different players, strategies, and his own physical body. My husband and I are also not able to serve in our church in the same capacity we did before we had children. With the kids evening sports schedules, we can’t even participate the same as we did when they were young. But we still have breath, and God has given us other avenues unique to this season for us to be able to praise him and be salt and light to others.

Tom Brady throwing football
Tom Brady

How is God calling you in this season? Is He tapping you on the shoulder saying, “remember me? Come back to me. My arms are open wide.” Or is He nudging you to challenge yourself in other ways: lead a church group, bring a meal to a neighbor, watch a single mom’s kids, encourage a co-worker, write a blog. God works in mysterious ways, and He has a way of fitting you into that plan.

Because you have breath,

And, because you’re still here.

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Patriot's fans hold Not Done sign

Not Done

You can’t be a Patriots fan and have nice fingernails. They’ve mastered the art of the nail-biter and bringing it down to the wire, but one thing Pats fans have learned is Patriot's fans hold Not Done signthat it’s not over until it over. During the last Super Bowl, my eldest son (who loves everything football and is an avid Pats fan), at half-time with the Patriots down 28 to 3, sat slumped on our couch with red-rimmed eyes as he fought back tears of frustration. By the end of the third, he paced around the sofa in dizzying circles muttering, “We might make it,” over and over. The last minute remaining of the game, he danced around the room, fist pumping, screaming, cheering, and high-fiving everyone.

During the last Patriots vs. Jaguars game, I noticed a cardboard sign held up by a Patriot’s fan. The sign had two words written on it: NOT DONE. Some of you may not be Patriots fans or not even care a hoot about football, but we can all learn something from the Patriots: We are not done.

God is still doing a great work in us.

Philippians 1:6 states, “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Every day, we are growing, changing, learning, and fulfilling the potential God sees in us. We are a work in progress. Even if we are in a lull, in a bad place, or the scoreboard says we’re down, God is using our circumstances to transform us into His masterpiece. And, the best thing is that the Bible says, God’s love never fails. He is victorious. No matter what the score says—in the end, we win.

Psalm 150:6 says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a hundred and three years old. If you still have breath, then God is still doing a great work in you. He still has plans for you. Your past may haunt you or shame weigh you down, but God can wipe it away and make you into a new being in Christ Jesus. He will use your past or mistakes and turn them around for your good. So keep striving. Volunteer, mentor, run a small group, sing a joyful noise, use whatever you’ve got to glorify God because you’re not done.

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