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Made for This

As an author, I love to play the what-if game.

What if the hero believes the heroine is dead?
What if the heroine gets robbed and thrown in the poorhouse?
What if the heroine falls overboard?
As a mother and wife, the what-if game isn’t as much fun.
What if they get bullied at school?
What if there’s a car crash?
What if we fail?

If worrying burned calories, I could quit the gym and eat ice cream all day.
You’d think as Queen, Ester wouldn’t have had much to worry about, but that wasn’t the case. A decree had gone out that all Jews were to be killed, and their possessions confiscated on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month. Ester was Jewish, but she’d never told King Ahasuerus. If she sat back, her beloved Uncle Mordecai and her people would die. 
Wouldn’t telling the king be an easy fix? All Ester needed to do was explain to the situation. However, the punishment for approaching the king when he didn’t request the person’s presence was death unless, by chance, he extended his golden scepter to them. Already thirty days had passed since the last time she’d summoned by the king. What if she’d fallen out of favor? What if she failed? What if she perished?
What if it was the moment for which she was created?

Her Uncle Mordecai set things into perspective. He asked her if perhaps she was placed into her royal position to save her people.

Sometimes we, too, need to have a shift in perspective. In her Mark of the Lion seriesFrancine Rivers writes a scene where one of the characters suffers a stroke and can no longer speak—a terrible situation. However, the woman realizes God allowed it to happen so she could focus all her energy on praying for her daughter’s salvation.

I may not like it when my son is bullied, but I get the opportunity to tell him who God says he is. I wouldn’t wish for my boys to get into trouble, but it’s an opportunity to show them my love is unconditional. I hate failing or making mistakes, but it’s a chance to demonstrate humility.

These moments we can take for granted.

But what if they are the moments for which we were created?

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Should We Chase Experiences?

FOMO, the fear of missing out, is real and being experienced by 7 out of 10 Millennials according to a Harris poll sponsored by Eventbrite. Woman taking picture on rocksThe poll showed that 78% of Millennials would prefer to spend money on experiences instead of material things. That sounds great, right? Society has moved past the materialism of the 80’s and 90’s and evolved into wanting to experience life. Wonderful! However, the study showed Millennials’ motivation comes from social media posts where they see people traveling, going to concerts, or doing themed running events like Tough Mudders or color runs. They are bombarded by pictures of people having fun and experiencing life, but are they really?

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. – Eleanor Roosevelt

 Social media can cause us to feel like we’re missing out, but can we force life experiences? Does traveling the world, attending concerts, jumping out of airplanes, or even taking exotic cooking classes make us happy? It could, for some. But, I don’t believe when I’m on my death bed looking back over my life I’m going to be focusing on my world travels or the best concert I saw. It’s going to be the small relational moments I’ll remember, like my grandmother sitting at the piano, singing a made up song about a bumble bee. Or the long walks I took with my brother the summer we moved to Massachusetts because we only knew each other. I’ll remember staying up swapping stories with my mom and dad after my dad had a heart attack scare, and my son’s eyes when he told me I looked beautiful. It’s these precious moments that leave an impression on our hearts.

These trivial instances might not seem like much, but just thinking of them brings a big smile to my face and makes my heart swell with emotion. You can’t fabricate the elation of jumping on a huge tracker-tire inner tube at the beach with your cousins or the peace of lying next to your grandfather in a big bed because you’re not sure how many more opportunities you’ll have to be with him. You can’t force laughing until your side hurts because your grandmother has infectious laughter. These are the God-given moments that made me. They are my keepsake treasures. The photo album of my heart. My joy.

I pray you are blessed with an abundance of these moments. That finding the next thrill or trying to one-up the last posted selfie doesn’t overshadow the simple life changing memories happening around you. God bless.

I [Jesus] have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.John 10:10


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