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Pink is the New Black

Guy with pink hair in sunglasses

Pink is the new black according to 2019 color tends from Elle Décor. If you’re into a fresh new interior, coral pink colors are slated to be hot for 2019. I love the idea, but in a dominantly male household, they may revolt if I painted the family room pink. Pink, however, has found its way into the male wardrobe over the years. Businessmen sport pink button-down shirts and pink ties. Basketball players wear hot pink athletic shoes on the court. Some don it in support of women’s causes, others to get attention, or to keep up with a fad. But generally speaking, pink has been a girl’s color.

Or has it?

In the 1800s and early 1900s in England, boys wore pink instead of blue. A 1918 article from Earnshaw’s Infant Department claimed pink was a strong masculine color more so than the dainty, delicate color blue. Strange? To us maybe. But when you consider the Red Coats the British army wore during that time, it makes sense. Boys were considered small men and pink is a lighter version of red. The trend became for boys to wear pink. This all changed with Dwight Eisenhower’s wife, Mamie, wore pink to his U.S. presidential inauguration. Suddenly, pink became a feminine color.

Fortnight Floss Dance

Over time trends come and go. Everything used to be fat-free. Now Keto diets are trending. Carbs are shunned, and fats are okay. Depending on the day or article you read, eggs, dairy, and salt can be healthy or killing you. Politicians flip flop on issues. Republicans and Democrats get elected and unelected. Celebrities and athletes rise and fall from fame. Fidget spinners and bottle flipping are a thing of the past. Dabbing was replaced by Fortnight dances.

It’s exhausting, if not down-right impossible, to keep up.

Change can be exciting, but it can also be nerve-racking. We can feel like Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole where up is down, small is big, and vice versa. Like Alice, we follow the instructions “drink me” and “eat me” to catch up with everyone else but end up overcompensating and becoming too big or too small, never just right.   

Thankfully, amidst all this change, one thing is consistent—one thing is constant.

God remains the same.

Hebrews 13:8 says, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” It almost seems surreal for something to stay the same, but God does. We can rely on his word. We can count on his promises. We can put our trust in Him for His word is truth. Numbers 23:19 says, “God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. What he promised long ago still holds true today. It doesn’t fade or grow dim. It’s not swayed, persuaded, or altered. It is the same, determined by an all-knowing God before the heavens were created, before we were a speck in our mother’s womb. “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever” Isaiah 40:8.

We can release a collective sigh and know, that no matter how topsy-turvy the world is, God is steadfast and unchanging. He is our rock in a sea of change.

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Woman indoor rock climbing

How Are You Anchored?

I was suspended in air. Literally not figuratively. My feet floated about a foot above the ground. I clutched the rope in a death grip as I dangled, knowing if I let go my husband would plummet to the ground.

When we first got married, I wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons. My husbandWoman indoor rock climbing is a good negotiator, so he agreed but on the condition that I’d take indoor rock climbing classes. It was a fair deal, and even though rock climbing was intimidating, I found it to be a lot like the game Twister but hanging off the side of a wall. We had a couple of lessons, and everything was going great. The instructor even decided it was time we climbed on our own.

By the time I noticed my mistake, it’s was too late.

My husband reached the top of the thirty-foot wall and signaled he was ready to repel down. I tightened my grip on the ropes and yelled back to go ahead. He released his hold and leaned back in a trust fall.

I jerked into the air like a rag doll only to come to a jarring stop as the anchor caught. My feet pedaled air, and I quickly realized what I’d done wrong. There are three slots one can hook into on the anchor rope. This important rope secures you to the ground so that when a smaller person, like myself, partners up with a big  6’3” male, we don’t go flying to the ceiling while our partner crashes to the ground. The three slots are for basically, tall, medium, and small. I should have hooked into the small, but unknowingly, I inserted my carabiner into the tall loop.

My husband instantly knew something was wrong, probably because he expected a nice easy descent but instead he dropped two feet before slamming to a halt. “Everything okay, babes?” he asked.

“Everything’s fine,” I said in a tight voice and smiled, hoping he wouldn’t notice I was suspended in air.

I eased the rope between my gloved fingers. Once his feet touched the ground, mine did also.

We laugh about it now, or at least I do. He may still my shake his head at me. But it goes to show how important it is to have a proper anchor.

Anchor“This hope [Jesus] is a safe anchor for our souls. It will never move.” – Hebrews 6:19 (NLV)

Without a proper anchor we all are like rag dolls being jerked around by our emotions, trends, and what the world tells us will make us happy. When we anchor into the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, life is no longer happening to us. It’s happening for us. We gain peace, clarity, and purpose.

When we aren’t anchored to a firm foundation, it’s easy to drift and be tossed about. When my boys leave for school, I often say, “Remember whose child you are.” If they don’t know to whom they belong or what they stand for and against, then they can be easily persuaded by whims, their friends, and charismatic adults. I want them grounded in the Rock of Ages, not grasping for earthly things that moths and rust can destroy (Matthew 6:19-20).

If you are going through motions, feeling lost, or floundering adrift, seek Jesus. But, don’t just haphazardly clip into Him like I hooked my carabiner into that anchor. Seek Him with a ready and open heart. In Jeremiah 29:13, God says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Stop wandering aimlessly through life. God has a purpose and a plan for your life. His foundation is secure, and He’s waiting for your knock upon His door.

Let Him be your anchor.

Meme with anchor. 2nd verse of "My Hope is Built on Nothing Less."

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