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We are dangerous.

Cue the bad boy music, swagger walk, and pyrotechnics.

I may not be Mad Max in Thunderdome or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in Terminator. I may only be one person, but I’ve got a sword, and I’m ready to wield it.

“We are dangerous because we know the power of a changed life.”- Jane Rubietta, author of Worry Less so We Can Live More.

We sometimes undervalue the power of one. We think I can’t make a large impact. I can’t do for everybody. I’m only one person. We get overwhelmed by the vast number of people in our schools, towns, countries, and world that are in need. But change one life, and you can change a legacy.

A Christian group of entrepreneurs and CEO’s called C12 understands the power of one. C12’s goal is to make an impact for Christ in companies and their companies’ sphere of influence. What started as one friend encouraging another has grown to five chapters across New England, and now more than 1.3 million people have the potential to be impacted when you consider the number of employees, customers, vendors, and subcontractors with whom these businessmen interact. It’s enough to bring about a revival in New England, and it all started with one Christian encouraging another to take a step of faith.

We have power.

Held up note. Never Stop Dreaming.

I have several friends who have a sixth sense to know when I’m down on myself. Somehow, they determine the exact moment my insecurities have gotten the best of me, and send me a text reminding me I’m a good mom, that I’m doing a great work, and that they’re praying for me, always when I need to hear it the most. Because of their transference of God’s love, I can pick up my sword and do battle. My sword might take the form of a computer keyboard, but The Word packs a wallop.

God is all-powerful. His arm is not too short. Yet He chooses to work through us. He understands not only the person in need but the person who needs to be blessed by helping. I don’t believe in accidents. God puts people into our lives and into the paths of others for a reason. Look around you. Who has God pushed into your sphere of influence, a neighbor, a co-worker, an old friend?

You can make an impact. All it takes is reaching out to the one person God has put on your heart. Don’t let the everyday busyness of life stop you from reaching out to one who needs to be encouraged by you. We won’t truly see how great the effect maybe until we get to heaven. Realize every time you favor someone with a smile, send a word of encouragement, show God’s love to another, your touch is creating a ripple that will impact a legacy. You, my friend, are dangerous.

To quote Schindler’s List (taken from the Jewish Talmud): “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.”

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