Beacon Hill                                        ACFW’s First Impressions Finalist 2016     RWA’s Faith, Hope, Love chapter Touched by Love Finalist 2016

In the year 2069, religious intolerance has driven Christianity underground, and the few that dare to remain within society must hide their faith.

Revere “Rev” Glass has a secret: she’s a Christ follower. In order to avoid persecution, she’s careful to keep a low profile. However, when her boss, the political playboy Governor Jett Brady, invites her to the Presidential Ball, she’s thrust into the public spotlight and falls for the one man who’s able to destroy all her efforts at self-preservation.

Governor Jett Brady is close to his dream of being promoted to a United Societies’ cabinet member. To prove his worthiness, he vows to take a harsher stance against Christians. But after his ex-wife spurns him for a famous actor, he seeks Rev’s help to obtain the respectability he lacks. He just never anticipated the tenderness he’d develop towards her, or that Rev would use his classified access to warn Christians and evade arrest.

Despite the outcome, Rev must decide to stand by her faith knowing God will work all things for His good, even if it means sacrificing her job, her love, and even her life.

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. –Matthew 10:16