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The Duke’s Refuge    URWA’s Great Beginnings Contest 2017- finalist

Georgia Lennox only wears pink. Ever since her papa left, she’s relinquished her pantaloons and boyish ways to gain her mama’s approval. Desperate to prove her worth, Georgia sets her cap to marry nobility. However, on the day she’s convinced the Earl of Claremont will propose, a letter arrives and she’s packed off to the Leeward Islands to care for her ailing father. Georgia believes the Earl will come for her, but she never anticipates being captivated by the island’s schoolmaster, Harrison Wells, or re-establishing a relationship with her dying father. Now, she must decide whom she intends to please, her mother, herself, or God.

Harrison is haunted by the memories of his deceased wife and hunted by the subsequent women who aspire to be the next Duchess of Linton. Desiring anonymity, he finds sanctuary in the Leeward island of Nevis. He’s willing to sacrifice his ducal title for a schoolmaster’s life and the solace the island provides. That is until unrest finds its way to Nevis in a storm of pink chiffon—Miss Georgia Lennox. The woman’s shallow ambition to marry well infuriates Harrison, but island life has a way of revealing a person’s character. God opens Harrison’s eyes to see Georgia’s true self, and he discovers his heart can grow to love again.