Revealing Truth

Katherine Jenkins flees for her life after declining her cousin’s proposal of marriage. Left for dead on the side of the road, she’s taken in by the Earl of Alton’s family, who mistakenly assume she has amnesia. Katherine clings to the pretense in order to hide her identity, until a dark stranger sneaks in through her bedroom window. When the handsome attacker turns out to be the son of the Earl, Katherine finds herself captivated, but now she must navigate through the web of deception of which she’s entangled.

Stephen Hartington has life all neatly figured out. He’s ready to propose to London’s most logical choice for a bride. But when he climbs in through the window of his parent’s house, he didn’t expect true love to strike. Especially, not over his head with a candlestick. Although Katherine’s intriguing and compassionate, she’s a complete unknown. As this beguiling woman captures his heart, Stephen struggles with whether to follow logic or trust God.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. Will they admit their love before her cousin discovers her location?