Love Never Fails                                  CFRW Touch of Magic Finalist
                                                             NTRWA’s Great Expectations Finalinorthern-texas-rwa-great-expectations-logost 

Although her husband was declared dead during the Napoleonic wars, Abigail Emerson still fantasizes about Nick’s return. However, when she discovers him alive, their reunion is far from the fairy tale she envisioned, especially after Nick tells her to presume he’s still dead and marry someone else.

Nicholas Emerson never meant to be discovered. The night terrors he battles now spill over into his days, but he must fulfill one last assignment for the War Department before he can isolate himself up North. Unfortunately, his last mission returns him to his hometown to investigate the near-poisoning of Lady Etheridge, the Countess of Sudham, and Abby’s closest neighbor.

Abby’s not about to let Nick’s nightmares drive him away again. His return proves that even though God had been silent, he’d been listening and working all along. Her tenacious spirit fights for their marriage, even through instances where Nick awakens clutching a gun between his shaky fingers.